Health & Safety Information

Although the arts community is operating in uncertain times, Theatres of Emerson College has developed a playbook that includes input from the CDC, City of Boston and various industry unions, etc.  Our utmost priority is the safety of our staff, the students, the artists and the audiences. We are in ongoing conversations with our local theater colleagues, the COVID team at Emerson College, and of course, we are following the developments in various media and news outlets.

Based on present information available from local, state and national public health agencies, we are currently re-opening under with the following practices and protocols:

  • Events are being ticketed based on 100% of venue capacity.
  • Masks are required for all guests and staff within venues (the only exception being for performers when on stage).
  • Hand sanitizing stations will be available throughout the venues.
  • We are encouraging guests to choose digital tickets or mailed tickets as their delivery method to reduce lines at the box office prior to performances, and we feature contactless ticketing for venue entry with use of scanners.
  • Emerson College has installed HEPA filters and pre-filters with a MERV rating of 13 (hospital grade) in all the buildings. The ventilation is top-down, rather than a less-desired cross-ventilation system, meaning the air is supplied from above and falls toward the ground. Outside air is introduced at a minimum of 20% during cold and hot weather, and closer to 50% during more mild months. When air temperature is between 45-60 degrees and humidity less than 50%, we have the ability to introduce outside air at the rate of 100%.
  • While proof of vaccination will not be required for guests, all Emerson College community members (students, faculty and staff) are required to attest to vaccination before being allowed on campus this Fall.  Further, Emerson College community members are required to participate in weekly Covid testing.
  • Any prospective ticket buyer with concerns about health safety protocols is encouraged to call our box office at 617-824-8400.

The above list represents only a few practices, and we will be continuing our efforts to establish additional guidelines or alter these guidelines to enact a plan that fulfills our promise of ensuring the well-being of all audiences, artists and staff.

We will continue to monitor the situation and adapt our protocols as needed.