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FEB 14 - 16, 2020

Foundation for Self Leadership PRESENTS

Everett Company's Good Grief


Everett’s dynamic multimedia dance theater enters an unburdening process: the minds and bodies of individuals after enduring trauma.

The artists utilized the Internal Family Systems (IFS) model of psychotherapy and performance to explore healing for their own life experiences. Onstage, they dive inward, uncover parts of the self, slip into the unconscious, and look at the body made foreign and disconnected – all in search of a true self. Good Grief presents a journey of fragmented memories, exiled parts, and the hope that dwells in a thriving imagination.

Good Grief was created in collaboration with an IFS therapist. IFS founding developer Richard Schwartz says of the production, "To see my life’s work portrayed so powerfully and with such respect is extremely moving to me."